October 2015
A Message from the Sub-Dean

Sharon Peterson
Sharon Peterson

Sharon R. Peterson

North Shore Chapter members are invited to recommend students to play on Sat., Nov. 7, at the Getting Off On the Right Foot Master Class Maggie Kemper is teaching.  The event will take place at Presbyterian Homes’ Elliott Chapel, 3131 Simpson, Evanston, IL. Young students of any age and level are welcomed to register and bring one prepared piece to play.

We’ll have refreshments downstairs in Elliott Hall at 9:30. The workshop itself begins (upstairs) in the Chapel at 10:00 and will finish by 12:15.

This free workshop is for anyone who teaches organ, anyone who plays piano and would like to play organ, and students YOU know who will be intrigued by this introduction to the King of Instruments.

Please send questions or requests for a Registration form to Sharon Peterson at subdean@nullnorthshoreago.org.

Sharon Peterson,
Sub-Dean, North Shore Chapter AGO

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