December 2015
A part-time musician speaks out


Evan DuVall

I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the North Shore board effective November 2015.  I have served as organist for Trinity United Church of Christ in Deerfield since March 2015. 

Originally from western Arkansas, I was relocated to the North Shore in February 2009. I studied music as an undergraduate with a concentration in piano performance, while majoring in English. I hold bachelors and masters degrees from the University of the South (Sewanee) and University of Michigan (Ann Arbor); I completed a PhD in Early Modern British literature from Tulane University (New Orleans) in 1998. A piano student from age 8, I extended my keyboard training to the organ after college, studying first with Sarah Martin at Georgia State University in Atlanta, and subsequently with doctoral candidates in the school of music at Michigan. After relocating to Deerfield, I began organ studies at the Music Institute of Chicago with Maggie Kemper, where I have been a student since January 2010. I have maintained membership in the AGO since around 1999, originally joining the Fort Smith, Arkansas chapter, and transferring to the North Shore in the summer of 2009.

I’m particularly interested to promote participation of part-time musicians in the AGO. Many amateur (but nevertheless serious) musicians serve in small- to medium-sized parishes, where they cover a wide range of duties in addition to weekly performance. If AGO can enhance opportunities for serious part-timers, it can help secure its foundation in long-term membership beyond professional full-time organists. One avenue for such outreach may be the identification and engagement of non-majors studying organ in local undergraduate institutions, as well as community schools. This population may be missed by surveys and assessments that typically target majors of accredited music schools. 

Evan Duvall, board member

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