December 2015
December challenge

NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley
NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley

Andrea Handley

As we all face collectively hundreds of rehearsals, services and concerts in the coming week, I ask you all to consider adding one quick thing to your to-do list.  Invite a non-AGO friend or a non-active AGO friend to come with you to the Epiphany party on January 3.  It’s a great time to celebrate for organists – all our hard December work is done and we can relax and share stories.  We had a wonderful warm time of fun and fellowship last year, and anticipate this year being the same!  We will gather at 5pm for drinks and appetizers, followed by dinner at 6pm and an entertaining program afterward.  Look for an E-vite in the next few weeks, and just add the number of your guest/s to your RSVP.  We look forward to seeing many of you!

Also, a quick note about usernames and passwords.  I’ve had a number of people report issues with signing in to either the website, job listings, or chapter directory.  We think we’ve fixed the ‘bugs’ and it should be possible now in all three of those locations to sign in successfully.  As a reminder, your chapter username is your first and last names with no space between, and your password is whatever you have previously set.  It is also possible now to reset your password from all those locations if you’ve forgotten it.

Best to all of you with the coming weeks’ activities, and see you on January 3!

Andrea Handley, Dean

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