April 2016
A New Feature on Our Website!

NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley
NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley

Andrea Handley

Some of you may notice that while we have had a Calendar tab on the homepage of our website, it’s been pretty empty up till now. Well, no longer!  We’ve finally gotten up and running with the Calendar feature.  So when you click on Calendar from now on, you will not only find our NSAGO events and programs, but you will find non-NSAGO events listed as well.  When you hover over the event, you will see the basic information, but when you click on the event, you will be taken to a full description of the event, where you can easily add events to your google calendar and find a map for directions to the event.  Also, you may add all the month’s events to your calendar by clicking on the “Export Month’s Events” tab at the bottom of each month on the calendar.

To find these events on the calendar, click here: http://northshoreago.org/events/

So when you receive notice of the June newsletter, with all the events for our 2016-17 season, you can immediately add them to your calendars! So we can expect to see many more of you at our events next season!

Andrea Handley, Dean

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