February 2018
New and Improved Chapter Directory!

NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley
NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley

Andrea Handley

Finally, we have posted the long-awaited and hot-off-the-press updated chapter directory!  Find it from the home page of our website by clicking on the About Us tab.  Please note that we have streamlined this process now and will be updating the directory regularly by using the detailed information that you each provide through Oncard when you join or renew your membership. So please take a moment to take a look at your details in the updated chapter directory now – and if there is anything missing or incorrect (not only basic personal information, but where you work, professional credentials, titles, etc), please go to Oncard on the national site (agohq.org) and make those corrections there. That information will then be used in our next update of the chapter directory.

While we are well into 2018 now and the memory of Christmas is dim, I’ve just recently read an article that was in the Evanston Round Table in December, called “Christmas Sing at Raymond Park Led for Years by NU’s Dean Lutkin”. It is full of fascinating historical details of what sounds like a wonderful event that happened every December for 15 years, from 1915 to 1930. Churches in Evanston collaborated with NU and Dean Lutkin by gathering in Raymond Park (called ‘the park between the churches’ back then) to sing Christmas carols with the help of the NU a cappella choir and brass players playing from high in the bell tower at First Presbyterian Church. As we’re focusing on the history of our chapter this season, it’s fun to look even further back and see the rich heritage of church music that has existed on the north shore for over a century. Below is a scan of the article that someone sent to me below for your perusal. Enjoy!

Andrea Handley, Dean

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