North Shore AGO Contributors

The following members of our chapter have sent generous donations in 2015  in addition to their membership dues.  We thank them for providing special support for our chapter.  Please let us know if there are errors in the listing.

Great ($100 and above)

William C. Aylesworth
William A. Crowle
Linné Dosé
Jerry Hall
Andrea Handley
Alan Hommerding
Jill Hunt
Margaret M. Kemper
Derek Nickels
Jay Peterson
James Sharpe
Alan Whaley
Robert E. Woodworth, Jr.

Swell ($50-$99)

James R. Brown
Steven Weyand Folkers
Joyce J. Robinson
Donna L. Siemro
David Schrader
Tomoko Shibuya
Mary Simmons
Morgan F. Simmons

Positiv ($10-$49)

Mary Anne Eichhorn
James Janossy
Phillip Kloeckner
Kevin McKelvie
Dennis Northway
Sharon Peterson
Elizabeth Sullivan