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NSAGO 60th Anniversary Celebration Registration

Sunday, April 29, 2018, 4:00pm                 First Presbyterian Church                 Evanston, IL


Come hear former deans of this chapter perform on the 64-rank Aeolian-Skinner that hosted the very first program of our chapter in 1958. Then celebrate our 60 years together at a gala banquet following the recital at the Crystal Ballroom, a short walk just east of the church.


Kansas City 2018 National Convention

The Paris of the Plains with its many  beautiful fountains and boulevards Welcomes YOU to the 2018 AGO National Convention  –  “Bach, Blues, and BBQ

July 2-6 in Kansas City, Missouri 

Geographic center of the 48 states – Reasonable airfare and travel time – Equally convenient from both coasts!  Performers, Venues, Organs, Worship Services, Workshop Topics, and Local Attractions are listed at our Convention Website www.agokc2018.com where you can sign up for our newsletter or request more information. 

Opportunities are available for underwriting many of the convention events.  Donor information is available at 2018_KC_Donor.  Make checks payable to “AGO KC 2018”.  Mail to: Debbie Winter, Convention Treasurer, PO Box 41523, Kansas City, MO  64171 

Pipe Organ Encounter Events Offered All Across the Country


The traditional Pipe Organ Encounter

  • Is a 4-5 day event organized by a local AGO chapter under the sponsorship of the national organization. It introduces participants to the world of the pipe organ.
  • Is a national program sponsored by the American Guild of Organists. Students are admitted to POEs on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of attendance at prior POEs, and regardless of state or country of residence, as long as they meet the following eligibility guidelines: Students should be aged 13-18, be interested in the pipe organ, and have piano or organ proficiency ranging from intermediate to advanced.
  • Provides an opportunity for students to have individual and group instruction in the basic rudiments of pipe organ technique and service playing.
  • Provides a general overview of organ literature, history, pipe organ construction and design, improvisation and other related topics.
  • Provides an opportunity for participation in ecumenical worship, so as to experience the role of the sacred musician.
  • Most of all, provides a unique opportunity for participants to meet and interact with peers who have similar interests.

2018 POE dates will be listed here when they are announced.

Wicks Pipe Organ for Sale

Well-known organist Joan Schmitt in Kansas City, MO has lovingly played and meticulously maintained this 1981 2 Rank, 2 Manual, full AGO Pedal Board Wicks Pipe Organ in her home for the past 36 years.  The lucky new owner will enjoy an instrument in pristine condition with a very colorful and beautiful voice.  Dimensions are approximately 7’2” high, 7’ wide and 6’ deep.  $5,000.  Accessories include: Wind Indicator, Motor Control, Music Rack Light, Pedal Light, and Blower & Power Supply.  Contact Roger Schmitt, 224-216-8792.

Manual I                                                    Manual II                                             Pedal

8’ Copula          61 pipes                    8’ Gemshorn      49 pipes              16’ Subbass  (prepared for)

4’ Gemshorn   12 pipes                  4’ Koppelflöte    12 pipes                 8’ Gedeckt

2’ Blockflöte    12 pipes          1 1/3’ Spitzquint      12 pipes                  4’ Flöte                2’ Choralbass