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2018 January Jubilees


January Jubilees exist to nurture the many part-time musicians working for religious institutions, and provide opportunities for them to be introduced to the AGO and its work and mission.  January Jubilees offer part-time musicians  the chance to meet and interact with peers who share an interest in the King of Instruments.  There are two 2018 Great Lakes Region Jubilees.  Dates are listed in January and February on the non-NSAGO calendar.

Free Lowrey Organ

Lowrey organ for free to anyone interested who can remove it. Contact Carol Payton at (847) 651-8177 .

Organ Historical Society 2017 Early Registration Ends April 15

Follow this link to registration info for the OHS convention in the Twin Cities in August:  https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/emailviewer.aspx?eventid=1933747&aid=AO38ODEA1axBLYEWwf4xKA==&emailid=Vtb+2H8Vhd8=&typeid=9&themeid=-1

Pipe Organ Encounter Events Offered All Across the Country

The 2017 Pipe Organ Encounter events are open for attendance registration, and enrollment is starting to fill up, with only 4 openings left in one POE. Early registration deadlines range from March 1 to May 1 across eight POE events.

This year, for the first time, the AGO is sponsoring two Pipe Organ Encounter Advanced events in the same summer:  Birmingham, Alabama (www.bhampoea.org) and Seattle, Washington (http://agoseattle.com/poea2017.html).  We also have both a POE-Tech for ages 16-23, and a POE+ for those 18 and over.

Here are messages from their directors…
Pipe Organ Encounter Advanced(POEA) is for students in grades 9-12 who have achieved a high level in organ study.  Prospective students must submit an audition recording to apply.  A POEA provides daily lessons and a unique opportunity for participants to meet and interact with peers who have similar interests.

To apply for attendance at any of the 2017 POE events, please visit https://www.agohq.org/education/poe/ to locate the appropriate online form. Scholarship applications for POE, POEA, and POE-Tech events are online at https://www.agohq.org/poe-scholarships/ (Application deadline is April 16, 2017.)

Regional AGO Convention in Youngstown, OH

July 2-5. Save the dates!  For more information, visit: agoyoungstown.com.