Past Dean’s Columns

July 2015
Seriously – More Pictures, Please!!

Andrea Handley

I don’t know about all of you, but lovely as they are, I’m getting tired of looking at the same few pictures on our website’s homepage every month. My vision when we launched this new website over a year ago now was... Read More ...

June 2015
An End and a Beginning; Goodbyes and Hellos

Andrea Handley

Monday evening, the North Shore AGO chapter held its annual banquet, signaling the end of this program season. We’ve had a great year of educational and enjoyable programs, and fun and fellowship together. We participated in a “Name that Tune” game together;... Read More ...

May 2015
It's Election Time!

It’s election time!  The North Shore AGO board is excited about a great slate of candidates we have for you:

Andrea Handley, Dean
Sharon Peterson, Sub-dean
Christine Kraemer, Secretary
Laurie Stivers, Treasurer
Kathy Roderer, Board member , 3-year term
Bev Sheridan, Board member, 3-year term
Robert Woodworth, Board member, 3-year term Read More ...

April 2015
How Privileged We Are

Andrea Handley

This past Sunday, as we all know, was Palm/Passion Sunday.  We ended the service with “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”, to focus the congregation toward Holy Week.  I’ve always been impacted by the text to the last verse of that hymn: “Were... Read More ...

March 2015
Several News Items of Note

Andrea Handley

No pithy thoughts this month!  I just want to draw your attention to numerous news items:

Chapter members had a gratifying and informative time together on Sunday tackling one of the issues of our profession – relationships between clergy and church musicians.  Read... Read More ...

February 2015
Update on the Chicago 2006 Foundation

Andrea Handley

Many of you will remember the great success of the 2006 National AGO Convention in Chicago.  A splendid group of AGO members from the Chicago, Fox Valley and North Shore Chapters worked diligently to arrange for inspired music-making, educational opportunities and social... Read More ...

January 2015
What's a Weekend?

Andrea Handley

There are so many little things that we share with each other as organists that no one else understands completely.   My favorite is the typical goodbye that people frequently utter on a Friday, when you’re leaving Starbuck’s or any other store –... Read More ...

December 2014
Too busy for thoughts

Andrea Handley

So, I sat down, as I usually do, with a blank page in front of me, waiting for a thought as to what to write for a Dean’s column this month.  And my only thought for the last ten minutes has been,... Read More ...

November 2014
Our Colorful History

Andrea Handley

Let it never be said that the North Shore lacks in an interesting heritage. Some of you may have noticed “The Last Page” in the May 2014 TAO issue.  But in case you missed it, it gives us some bragging rights with... Read More ...

October 2014
Lifelong Friends and Colleagues

After a wonderful time at our opening program of the season, I went home thinking about a function that AGO serves in my life that I hadn’t thought that much about before. As I looked around the room that day, I saw people who have just recently become part of... Read More ...

September 2014
Our 56th Year!!

Andrea Handley

As we begin our 56th season as a chapter, we look backward to a rich history and forward to an exciting upcoming year!  Last season was a year featuring a new website, six new board members, three new officers, a new “Grow... Read More ...

July 2014 Dean's Column

Andrea Handley

Welcome to our new newsletter format!  You’ve been directed here for the July edition of OVERTONES.  Here’s what you’ll find below, which can be accessed by simply scrolling down:

  • Brochure of our 2014-15 programs
  • A review of our June 1 annual banquet and program
  • A... Read More ...

May 2014 Dean's Column: A New Website for NSAGO!

Andrea Handley

Welcome to our new newsletter format – and our new website! This month we are going live with the new NSAGO website, which we encourage you all to explore!

One of the benefits of this new site is that you will now be... Read More ...

March 2014 Message from the Board: Membership Matters

Each of us joined the North Shore AGO for a reason; each of us continues to pay our dues, maintain an affiliation with an important national organization, and keep our AGO membership on our resumes for a reason.  Perhaps it is a love of organ music, or an appreciation for the instrument and... Read More ...

January 2014 Dean's Column: Ordinary Time

I LOVE all the Christmas decorations in my house – the trees, the lights, the great-smelling candles, all the festive red and green, the Christmas china.  But never fail, even though every year I can’t imagine EVER wanting to take it all down, sure enough, come about January 2, I start... Read More ...

October 2013 Dean's Message

I looked at my calendar a few days ago, and realized it was time for another Dean’s Message.  It seems as if I just wrote one last week.  And that experience reminded me about how frequently I feel that way as an organist.  I remember some years ago, standing at... Read More ...

September 2013 Dean's Message

There’s a certain rhythm of September, isn’t there? Rally Day, choirs starting up again after summer break, minds turning toward thoughts of Advent and beyond. Some of us have had just a few Septembers as organists, some of us many more than we care to count. So some of us... Read More ...

August 2013 Dean's Message

AGO North Shore Chapter will begin its 55th season in September. I’ve spent some time looking through archives over the summer, and ran across the date of the first meeting of our chapter – January 11, 1958. Some well-known names pop up in the early years. Among the deans in... Read More ...

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