The Treasurer’s Corner

Treasurer's Corner

July and August have been busy month of activity for our chapter. There were 31 renewals with receipts of $1,140, 11 individuals made $650 worth of contributions to our chapter,  and 5 folks contributed $233 to the Scholarship Fund.

Our renewing members are (by date of renewal) Steven Folker, Mary Simmons, Morgan Simmons, William Crowle, Jill Hunt, William Roderick, Robert Stebbins, Robert Woodworth, Daniel Dauner, David Schrader, James Sharpe, Michael Stutzman, Kirstin Synnestvelt, Eileen Baumgarten, Mark Konchan, Sharon Phillips, Tomoko Shibuya, Paul Vander Weele, Cho Hyea Young, Philip McPeek, Sharon Peterson, James Janossy, Judith Kohl, Elizabeth Naegele, Bev Sheridan, Laurie Stivers,Theodore Gresick, Susan Klotzbach, Donna Siemro, Brian Schoetller, and Barry Wenger.

We extend a hearty thank you to William Roderick, Jill Hunt, William Crowle, David Schrader, James Sharpe, Tomoko Shibuya, Sharon Phillips, Elizabeth Naegele, Beverly Sheridan, Maggie Kemper, and Donna Siemro for their contributions to our North Shore Chapter.

We are grateful to Mary Simmons, Morgan Simmons, Jill Hunt, William Crowle, and Sharon Peterson,  for their gifts to our scholarship fund.

I look forward to seeing you in September!

Laurie Stivers headshot

Laurie Stivers

Laurie Stivers, treasurer

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