The Treasurer’s Corner

November 2017
Treasurer's Corner

October had a flurry of financial activity! Thanks to the Linne Does, Jay Peterson, Judith Donovan, Kirsten Rutschman Santos, Julianne Sundin, and Phillip Kloeckner for their renewals. Many thanks to Linne, Jay, and Philip for their contributions to our Chapter.  And thanks for Linne for her contribution to the Scholarship fund.

I've paid $844 for expenses tied to our September event and have paid $946 towards expenses for our November event.

Current balances in our accounts are:

General Checking    $4,058.56
Scholarship Fund     $5,316.57
General Savings    $32,016.58
Total                        $41,411.71

Laurie Stivers headshot

Laurie Stivers

Laurie Stivers, Treasurer