July 2015
Seriously – More Pictures, Please!!

NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley
NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley

Andrea Handley

I don’t know about all of you, but lovely as they are, I’m getting tired of looking at the same few pictures on our website’s homepage every month. My vision when we launched this new website over a year ago now was that we would have a slide show of the MANY organs in the MANY churches where our members play on the north shore. That should be 100+ organs and churches, by my count, and yet to date I only have a cache of pictures from 17 churches. So, it’s summer, the season when we all have a little more time on our hands. At least a few nights a week are probably free of rehearsals. So please, take a little time to gather three pictures for me – your church building from outside, the pipework, and your console – and send them to me at dean@nullnorthshoreago.org , so we can all see more of the beautiful instruments and buildings on our North Shore!

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