December 2017
The 60th Anniversary Fun Continues

NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley
NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley

Andrea Handley

We have now had two incredible programs in our 60th anniversary season. Scroll down – after reading this, of course – to see a review of Janette Fishell’s thoughtfully planned and beautifully executed recital at Millar Chapel on November 10, and then read about the very enjoyable and informative masterclass the following morning.

As we all face collectively hundreds of rehearsals, services and concerts in the coming weeks, I ask you all to consider adding one quick thing to your to-do list.  Invite a non-AGO organist friend or a non-active AGO friend to come with you to the Epiphany party on Friday, January 5.  It’s a great time for organists to celebrate – all our hard December work is done and we can relax and share stories.  This year, in keeping with our anniversary theme, we will feature a trivia game involving the history of our chapter. So most especially if you are a long-time member, WE NEED YOU to come play this game! We will gather at 6pm for drinks and appetizers, followed by dinner at 6:30pm.  Look for an Evite in the next few weeks, and just add the number of your guest/s to your RSVP.  We look forward to seeing many of you.

On another topic, we are in the midst of updating our chapter directory, and need your help. In the past we have asked you all to send your more detailed information to us via an email directly to us. But we’ve decided that it’s more efficient to ask you all to make sure your personal/employment information is added/updated in ONCARD. We will then take the info you have in ONCARD and import it into our chapter directory.

Stay warm, play well, and hope to see many of you on January 5.

Andrea Handley, Dean

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