November 7 workshop with young organists

ago 2 (2)Our North Shore Chapter AGO sponsored Margaret Kemper in a Master Class Saturday, Nov. 7, at The Presbyterian Homes’ Elliott Chapel in Evanston, IL, Starting Out on the Right Foot. Four young organists played the Chapel’s Dobson Pipe Organ, Op. 64 (1994:) ElizabethWeadick, Natasha Stojanovska, Kristina Nyberg, and Evan Anderson. Prepared by their respective teachers Sheila Price, (Wauconda,IL,) Margaret Kemper, (Northwestern University,) Sharon Peterson, (Chicago, IL,) and Margaret Martin, (North Park University,) the students gained confidence and insight through this positive experience.

untitledElizabeth played Gordon Young’s Trumpet Tune (by Raison;) Natasha shared selections from Richard Enright’s Fundamentals of Organ Playing: Two Practices; Kristina performed the dm Little Prelude and Fugue, BWV 554(by J.S.Bach – or Krebs;) and Evan completed the program with J.S. Bach’s dm Toccata and Fugue, BWV 565. They each displayed musicality, good instincts for the instrument, and promise for developing their skills.

The listening audience was comprised of several residents, chapter members, and guests. They enjoyed watching “Maggie’s” teach and joined in on several hymns as well.  There was time for questions, and refreshments were provided during the pre-program gathering.  Ideas were shared, various interpretations were discussed, and friendships were begun and renewed.

ago 6A special thank you to Maggie Kemper, the Presbyterian Homes, and chapter committee members Stephen Folkers, Evan Duvall, Kathy Roderer, Laurie Stivers, and Leon Nelson, who provided food, gave directions, and took photos. The North Shore Chapter is pleased to encourage organ students in this manner and looks forward to future programs, scholarships, and other events that support Organists’ development.


Sharon Peterson, Sub-dean

Sharon Peterson

Sharon R. Peterson

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