January 2018
Fourth Annual Epiphany Party

On Friday evening, January 5, Dean Andrea Handley hosted the festive Annual Epiphany Party at her home, once again. It was a delightful evening of fellowship, absolutely delicious food, fun, and music. Andrea & Sharon (Peterson), as usual, played a 4-hand version of LeRoy Anderson’s Sleigh Ride; Bob Woodworth led the members in a game of answering questions about the NSAGO’s history, (it was great fun!); and then we enjoyed a sing-a-long of Epiphany Carols from the Oxford Book of Carols.  New friends were made and old friendships renewed.

The evening was so much fun that we all forgot to take pictures….:-) But nevertheless, it was a wonderful beginning to 2018. Thanks to all who planned, cooked, and attended. We have a great chapter!

Sharon Peterson, Sub-dean

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