November 2017
Thoughts on History

NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley
NSAGO Dean Andrea Handley

Andrea Handley

After the wonderful opening program of our 60th anniversary season in September, I went home thinking about the role of ‘history’ in our lives. As I looked around the room that day, I saw people who have just recently become part of my life. But I also saw those who have been part of my life for over 40 years. And it’s nice to know people who have been a part of your life for that long. It’s grounding and represents stability in a world that is anything but stable.

Friends appear and disappear, family members move away, church jobs and acquaintances from those churches come and go. But the friends and colleagues that you make through AGO become lifelong connections. In addition to coming together to enjoy our great instrument with each other, or share ideas and learn new things, AGO programs are a great time to re-establish connections with lifelong friends and colleagues. When you think about it, that’s a rare and precious thing in most of our lives.

Andrea Handley, Dean


November 2017
Open Sea Reflections

Judy Kohl

I recently celebrated a birthday – not one of those that slips by and you hope no one notices. With this one, I am standing on the cusp of a new decade and for some reason, those decade birthdays have been very significant in my life. I’ve thought back to how my life literally seemed to make a paradigm shift with each new decade.

The day I turned fifty, I woke up empowered in a way I had never sensed before. My life felt rich and complete – any future experiences were a bonus. I chose to leave my full time church position, which seemed strange as I had been an organist since age 16.  Yet, it was a new beginning and I sensed fresh energy and creativity as I now had the time  to compose music of my own.
Now that I just turned sixty, I wonder what  this next decade will look like. Those high values of empowerment and strength don’t seem to be as important as before.  I sense something more gentle and gracious – and yes, much more comfortable. This is renewing for my spirit. There is an ease even as I approach this busy holiday season as who I am is not validated by what I do or even how well I do it. I will use the gifts I’ve been given by God and continue to welcome any opportunity to use them.
If it sounds as if I plan to simply sail into the sunset, then I’ve painted the wrong picture. A friend of mine challenged me to embrace life not as many people do after a certain number of birthdays; trying to maneuver their boat into the harbor safely with as few dings as possible. Rather, I plan on exploring the open seas, indefinitely.
This decade will most likely look different. Meanwhile, I have plans to become a better musician, learn as much about this wonderful life as possible, give back to  those less fortunate in my community and around the world, and deepen those friendships I hold so dear. I’m glad that becoming more involved with North Shore AGO will make that more likely with each one of you.
Judy Gration Kohl, Board member

November 2017
Treasurer’s Corner

October had a flurry of financial activity! Thanks to the Linne Does, Jay Peterson, Judith Donovan, Kirsten Rutschman Santos, Julianne Sundin, and Phillip Kloeckner for their renewals. Many thanks to Linne, Jay, and Philip for their contributions to our Chapter.  And thanks for Linne for her contribution to the Scholarship fund.

I’ve paid $844 for expenses tied to our September event and have paid $946 towards expenses for our November event.

Current balances in our accounts are:

General Checking    $4,058.56
Scholarship Fund     $5,316.57
General Savings    $32,016.58
Total                        $41,411.71

Laurie Stivers headshot

Laurie Stivers

Laurie Stivers, Treasurer

2018 January Jubilees


January Jubilees exist to nurture the many part-time musicians working for religious institutions, and provide opportunities for them to be introduced to the AGO and its work and mission.  January Jubilees offer part-time musicians  the chance to meet and interact with peers who share an interest in the King of Instruments.  There are two 2018 Great Lakes Region Jubilees.  Dates are listed in January and February on the non-NSAGO calendar.